Native Mix Instant Hedge

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Please note that there is a minimum order of 3 linear metres for all of our Instant Hedges.

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Native Mix Instant Hedge contains plants that are all native to the UK and as such emulate traditional country hedgerows found throughout Britain.

Our Practical Native Mix generally contains roughly equal quantities of the following species: Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hornbeam, Hazel and Common Privet.  This Practical Instant Hedge is available at 1/1.2m, 1.2/1.5,  1.5/1.8m and 1.8/2m high.

This Instant Hedge has been used recently at both the Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows.

Mixed Native hedges create a natural look and contain a variety of colours and textures which provide a rich living collage for excellent seasonal interest from the early spring blossoms to fruits and berries in the autumn.  All kinds of wildlife will be attracted by the food and shelter opportunities.

Native hedging, by its very nature will thrive on most soil types and can be planted in all but the deepest of shade.  It will tend to grow quite quickly at some 20 – 40 cm per year and will require pruning once a year, ideally in July; if it can be left un-pruned, when it will prove even more wildlife friendly.

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Native Mix






Once in July

Annual Growth

Fast 30cm – 40cm


Sun to partial shade

Soil Acceptance

All except the poorest


Neutral to slightly acidic